First Manuscript is a resource created by Dax MacGregor for creative writers who seek to master the arts of writing and storytelling. Also included are personal lessons learned along the way.

About First Manuscript

When I got serious about writing novels, I found myself doing lots of research on proper techniques and gathering information related to developing my writing and storytelling skills. I developed a sizeable collection of notes for my personal use. After a while, I realized others could benefit. I felt selfish in keeping this to myself, so I decided to create this website as a place to record my notes in a way that made them useful to others. I don’t pretend to be an expert. For the most part, I’m sharing information I’ve gathered. When I do, I document the source. On some topics, I’ve formed strong opinions, which I’m not afraid to share. I love it when others comment on my posts. So whether you like what I say, or you have a different point of view, please tell me. That way, we will all learn together. Dax MacGregor

About Me

Writing Background

I’ve been a writer all my life. A few years back, my mother provided me with a box of memorabilia from my childhood. Inside, along with report cards and newspaper clippings, I found short stories, poems and songs I had written in elementary school. For most of my adult life, I worked in Corporate America and raised a family. My creative juices sat on a shelf, bottled up. Occasionally, I would write a quick poem or pen a short story. I had always intended to write short stories, until one of my stories kept growing. I couldn’t turn my brain off. Before long, I had an entire world created full of characters and subplots. I realized I had become a novelist.

My Name

When I launched First Manuscript in 2011, I published articles under the pen name of Newbie Author. Why not my own name? I was worried that, when it came time to find an agent, my blogging would expose my lack of expertise and limit my potential for getting published. Later, I realized having a website with a sizeable audience would be a huge benefit in getting published. I planned to publish using my real name, Thomas Greer. but then I discovered Thomas H. Greer had already published many books. A little more searching led to books authored by Thomas Greer, Tom Greer, Tom C. Greer, Thomas J. Greer PI, and Thomas Keister Greer. That’s when I decided I needed a distinctive pen name, one that readers could easily remember. The process of selecting a pen name took months. With the help of other writers and editors, I selected Dax MacGregor. Now, Dax is the owner of this website. He also has another website (daxmacgregor.com) as a placeholder for when he has books published. You can also find Dax on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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