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Back in August 2014, I teamed up with TRG Web Designs to overhaul the First Manuscript website. The original design, from when I launched the site in 2011, had looked old, stale and technologically obsolete.

Website Redesign Objectives

The features I expected in the new website:

  • a new logo
  • brighter color palette
  • large featured images for every blog post
  • newsletters generated automatically when new blog posts are published
  • works on tablets and smartphones
  • easy for visitors to share pages on social networks
  • higher rankings in search engines

But the ultimate objective, and the way we would measure success, was increased visitors and page views.I hoped to double or triple the volume.

Website Redesign Process

TRG Web Designs has a case study page  that shows before and after screenshots and discusses some of the technical aspects of the upgrade.

First Manuscript Responsive Design

First Manuscript Responsive Design

Search Engine Optimization was a key aspect of the upgrade. TRG Web Designs configured the new site to be search-engine friendly. They also installed the Yoast SEO plugin and coached me on how to use it, Using that tool as a guide, the content on every post and page was reviewed and updated.

TRG Web Designs also made sure the new website performed well using any device. They showed me screenshots from PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones (both Android and iPhone).

Website Redesign Results

The results exceeded my wildest dreams.

Back in August 2014, the website averaged 6 to 7 page views per day. Now I am averaging over 200 per day.

That’s not a typo. Here’s another comparison of total page views for the month.

  • July 2014 :205
  • Jan 2016: 4,991

Of course, the addition of good content was a key factor in the improvement. However, without a solid design for the website and the SEO improvements/training, the content would have gone unnoticed.

Here’s a graph of the website traffic over time.

First Manuscript Website Traffic 2012-Present

First Manuscript Website Traffic 2012-Present


I’m thrilled with TRG Web Design’s website redesign process and the results.

If you need a new website developed or if your existing site needs some love, give them a call.

TRG Web Designs Logo

TRG Web Designs Logo

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