Stylish Blogger Award

Stylish Blogger Award

Back on June 22, Terry Giuliano Long recognized me with a Stylish Blogger Award. She said some awfully nice things:

“Newbie Author” Dax MacGregor is a smart, savvy, extremely talented writer. His superb blog, “First Manuscript,” dedicated to helping aspiring authors reach their dreams, is packed with tips and ideas for writers as well as keys for achieving success. Dax, Newbie’s pen name and alter ego, now has his own new site. Did I mention he’s fun? The ultimate professional, Dax brings a friendly, mischievous smile to the job. What more could we ask? Follow his blog or tweets @DaxMacGregor.

Thank you, Terri, for the kind words.

The Stylish Blogger Rules

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 5 newfound blogging buddies.
4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

Seven Random Facts About Me

  1. My recently departed wife, Stephanie, was my best friend. I’m a bit lost right now.
  2. My brother Bill and my son Rick are also aspiring authors.
  3. As a kid, I grew up living close to Lake Erie. During summer vacations, I fished several times per week. I haven’t fished in decades. The idleness drives me nuts, now.
  4. I’m committed to mastering the art of writing.
  5. My favorite pastime is golf. I’m not particularly good, but I like the nature stroll, especially in the early morning.
  6. As a seventh grader, I appeared on It’s Academic, a TV quiz show where schools compete. I did well. Our team was winning in the final round, until I blew the final question. We lost by ten points.
  7. I’m a non-conformist. I like doing things differently. I have a favorite saying: “Normal is overrated.”

My Five Stylish Award Winners

Emlyn Chand

Shortly after I launched First Manuscript, Emlyn noticed one of my articles and asked if I would permit her to republish it on her Novel Publicity site as a guest blogger. Of course, I agreed.

Since that time, Emlyn has helped me immensely. She encouraged me to continue when I could count my blog’s daily pageviews on two or three fingers. She listened and commented as I explored and tried out different pen names. She helped me figure out how to blog and use Twitter effectively. (I flunked Facebook, I still have only a handful of people who “like” me.)

Emlyn is amazing. She leads the day-to-day operations at her company (Novel Publicity), tweets all-day as Novel Publicity and herself, updates Facebook a couple of times a day, reads voraciously (313 books on Goodreads), publishes articles on Novel Publicity *and* on her personal author blog. Plus, she’s written at least two books. I don’t know how she does it.

Oh, and she’s already on Google Plus figuring how to use that to reach more people.

Stephan Loy

Steve is an accomplished writer. He’s a fellow member of the Indianapolis Writers Meetup Group. Steve routinely provides insightful critiques of my submissions. He’s helped me grow significantly as a writer.

Steve has self-published a novel, titled [amazon_link id=”098352131X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Last Days and Times[/amazon_link] (four and a half stars on Goodreads). In addition to writing, he’s a graphics artist and a teacher. He’s got a how-to-draw book for children in the works and is presently completing a fiction satirizing the current state of educational reform efforts.

His author site is dedicated to providing information about Last Days and Times (no blog). Steve guest posts articles on the Pen to Paper blog. (Pen to Paper is the other Indianapolis-based critique group.)

Eve Shi

I met Eve through comments that she left on my posts. Eve lives in Indonesia.

Eve writes wuxia, which instantly caught my attention because it sounds cool and I had absolutely no idea what it was.

Eve started her blog in April of this year. But she’s already published book reviews, author interviews, short stories and articles on a host of other interesting topics. I like visiting her blog because there is always something new, creative and different.

Rachel Giesel

Rachel has written a book: The Wonders of Writing,  which is a how-to book about writing and publishing books. She has a website named Writing Wonder with a blog, a writing tools section and information about her book (including a video).

Did I mention that Rachel is seventeen?

She lives in Mason, Ohio — a suburb of Cincinnati. I’m partial because I once lived there, too.

I just wish Rachel would post more often, because I enjoy reading her articles.

Janet Cincotta

Jan is another writer I met via the comments she left here.

Like me, Jan is pursuing writing as a second career. She recently left her day job as a family physician to focus on her writing. (Unlike Jan, I’m still working my day job.)

Her blog, begin…begin again, is filled with interesting posts about writing, about her charity work (she’s spend a lot of time in Jamaica) and other topics.

I’m indebted to Jan because she convinced me to read [amazon_link id=”1582979987″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Story Engineering[/amazon_link] by Larry Brooks (which provided the education I needed to clearly see my way to finishing my novel).


Please join me in congratulating these five for their creative blogging and dedication to mastering the art of writing.

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