Review of Ryan Quinn’s End of Secrets

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I found the End of Secrets by Ryan Quinn to be an interesting yarn with engaging characters. It takes readers deep into the word of cyber-espionage where information from surveillance cameras, cell-phone location and usage data, social media activity, financial transactions, search engine queries and many other online activities are all combined in a massive data collection where it can be retrieved instantaneously.

In End of Secrets, author Ryan Quinn explores the issues of media manipulation, loss of privacy, and warrantless spying on U.S. citizens by the NSA and CIA in thought-provoking fashion. Along the way, he presents other issues in a way that forces readers contemplate other facets of our fast-paced, interconnected lifestyles.

Throughout the story, the question: “Have you figured it out?” surfaces repeatedly reminiscent of the way Ayn Rand employed “Who is John Galt?” in Atlas Shrugged.

I thoroughly enjoyed Quinn’s well-conceived and executed story. 




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