In The Trust, attorney Noah Parks leads a comfortable life as a general practice attorney in historic Charleston, South Carolina. That is until he gets a visit from an overbearing Chicago-based lawyer who informs him he’s been named as legal counsel to probate the estate of Leonardo Xavier Cross, a man he’s never known.

The other lawyer, Steven Thomason, has already done most of the detail work, so the job should be simple and straightforward. That’s the theory, anyway.

One of the intriguing items about the will is Noah’s compensation for his services: the mysterious contents of a previously unknown safe deposit box.

Soon things start getting complicated. Primarily due to the deaths of many of those associated with the estate. At first these seem accidental and unrelated. Before long, coincidence can’t explain away the pattern.

The Trust - Book Cover

The Trust by Sean Keefer

Noah’s scars from previous relationships show as he repeatedly resists becoming intimate with multiple women involved in the case despite their practically dragging him into bed with them.

Breakout author, Sean Keefer, feeds the reader wonderfully complex and deep characters and a plot line that keeps getting stranger and more puzzling. Even though this is a legal thriller, there are no boring courtroom scenes, only straightforward action as Noah and his sidekicks pursue the truth.

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey through the pages of The Trust. It’s a fun,¬†page-turning romp through¬†Charleston and the surrounding countryside. Mr. Keefer does a nice job of pacing and shares just enough clues to keep you guessing along the way.

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